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Margaret Helen Shuker - Emmett J. Powell

Reunion 2014 is scheduled for June 22, 2014 at Wabasis Park

Click Here for the Reunion Flyer

Welcome relatives and friends to the Emmett Powell Web Site. This site will be under continual construction because as we continue our genealogical quest we will add more information about the Powell family.

The site began in conjunction with a desire to have family reunions again as we did when our beloved grandma and grandpa Powell were alive. The death of Lucille Agnes Bristol (Powell) in July of 2001 brought together much of the family and the conversation inevitably went around to, "Gee we only see relatives for funerals and marriages." Michael Bristol and Mike Scott decided to take action and called for a formal family reunion. They drafted Mick Blake to join and he brought in Judy Barber. This formed the basis of a steering committee that laid the groundwork for the first semi-annual Powell Reunion which was held in 2002. The plan is to have these reunions on the even years. The 2014 reunion is in the works. This will be the 7th reunion. We have moved it to June due to a number of families not being able to make August dates.  Also the Conklin Ceili band will be on hand to entertain.

To use this site you must register. Please use the <register> button at the top of the page to input your information. Once completed, the site emails both you and the web master that you have completed your registration form. The web master reviews your information and ensures that you are a family member and then activates your user id. You will receive a second email when this is completed.

I had a question from Roberta Kok as to why we need a password. Since we have a report of valid email addresses, we wouldn't want someone to be able to get those to send us more SPAM. Additionally, the family tree includes all of us Powells who are living and that usually is considered sensitive data. I can assure you that I will not activate any person who registers that I do not recognize as to belonging to our family. Surfers who visit the site can only see the home page and the reunion flyer.

Be sure to check the Powell Email Distribution List found under the links button to ensure that all your immediate family members with email addresses are listed and that the email address is correct. Don't miss looking at the family tree to find yourself. Above all, make sure you let us know if you have ideas for additional content. Your Cousin/Uncle/Brother, Mick Blake Web Master with much help from son Jamie.


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